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Womxn Week Offenbach



Miriam Dönges, Katharina Hantke, Tina Kohlmann, Un-Zi Ha-Nul Lee, Kristina Mukhacheva

Rathaus Offenbach

Berliner Straße 100, Offenbach am Main, Deutschland

Flyer: Frauenbüro Stadt Offenbach

On the occasion of March 8, 2023, we were invited by the Women's Office of the City of Offenbach to design a display case with artworks and thematic books in cooperation with Klingspor Museum at the Offenbach City Hall.

During Offenbach's Womxn's Week (Frauenwoche) 2023 and under the title "Art in the City Hall", small-format works were exhibited by the artists Miriam Dönges, Katharina Hantke, Tina Kohlmann, Un-Zu Ha-Nul Lee and Kristina Mukhacheva. Our idea was to create a feminist utopia preserved in glass, similar to Hieronymus Bosch's filigree and multi-layered landscapes.

The artworks were set in context with thematically picked books from the collection of Klingspor Museum. Namely publications by Pia Salzer, Carola Willbrand, Isabel Thomas (illustrated by Anke Weckmann), Raphaële Frier (illustrated by Aurelia Fronty), and Caroline Stevan (illustrated by Elina Braslina).

Photo credits: Simon Malz

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