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About +FEM

Collective of female & LGBTQIA+ artistas, activists, and academics.

In 2017 +FEM was initiated by Kristina Mukhacheva and Naomi Rado. Its aim is to create a safe space for collaboration and showcasing creative works, especially for persons who identify as female, non-binary, and/or queer. Hence, +FEM understands itself as a networking platform. +FEM places itself within the context of art labor that is aware of institutional discrimination and gatekeeping. The implementation of consensual and democratic processes in curating, along with discussions about fair compensation, are integral to their work. Establishing discourse-based decision-making as the foundation of collective art practice challenges and counters the prevailing notions of "artistic genius" and authorship, which are predominantly associated with and occupied by hetero–male artists and curators. By including artists who have not undergone traditional art school training, +FEM actively confronts elitist biases that continue to influence the narrative in the arts. The collective's practice, spanning over five years, is also utilized for critical reflection and the reassessment of their own work, particularly in relation to curatorial questions that center around feminist discourses on self-determination, inclusivity, accessibility and experimentalconcepts of exhibiting.


Our Team

Kristina Mukhacheva

Kristina Mukhacheva (*1990) lives and works in Frankfurt and Offenbach. In 2018, she completed her Magistra degree in Art Education. Alongside her work as an independent artist, she has worked for several years as an art educator, including at the Frankfurt Junges Museum and SCHIRN Kunsthalle. Since 2021, she is part of the museum management team at Klingspor Museum in Offenbach.


Her artistic works have been featured in numerous group exhibitions. Her latest project was the participation in the ongoing "KUNST im öffentlichen Raum" (Art in Public Space) exhibition in collaboration with Mike Schäfer, Daniel Ludwig, and the company "Weber." You can discover her work on a cigarette vending machine in Offenbach am Main. Solo exhibitions of her works were held in 2017 at SIKS (Stadtteilinitiative Koblenzer Straße) and in 2019 under her artist pseudonym "Sensible Date" at the (former) Parkhaus WK 16 Gallery.


Naomi Rado (*1992) lives and works in Frankfurt/Main. Naomi Rado lives and works in Frankfurt/Main. She completed her bachelor's degree in Art History with a thesis on El Lissitzky and is currently in the final stages of a master's degree in Aesthetics at Goethe-University Frankfurt. Her scholarly focus includes the intersection of avant-garde movements and Marxist approaches to art theory, as well as contemporary forms of political art.


Working simultaneously as an author and curator, her practice is based within the fluid field of artistic research. As a freelance writer and curator Rado focuses on emerging art positions and their societal implications. She has published texts in artist monographs, the online magazine for contemporary art PASSE-AVANT, GalleryTalk, and the magazine of the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States (Kulturstiftung der Länder), ARSPROTOTO. Since 2017, Rado curates exhibitions with +FEM collective, and since 2019, as a member of Synnika e.V.

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