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whose spaces / breaking defaults



Amira Hartmann


Ginnheimer Landstraße 35, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Flyer Design: Naomi Rado

Amira Hartmann's photographic works portray a variety of female, non-binary and queer positions from subcultural scenes. The research project titled »whose spaces/breaking defaults« questions patriarchal structures in urban communities that are partly mirrored by the heteronormative society. By addressing deficiencies and offering solutions for the design of inclusive spaces the project provides visibility to all those perspectives that remain underrepresented in the narratives of different communities. The series of portraits promotes the discourse on inclusivity and diversity in public spheres. Not only in her documentary photographs but also with the help of interviews Hartmann asks what defines the identities and hopes of womxn, enbies and queers in male dominated spaces as well as the significance the members of the respective groups ascribe to them. Collage like, the images are complemented by text passages extracted from intimate conversations. In form of an installation on several walls her works communicate a togetherness of those depicted – those, who work together to build networks of solidarity, and create collective and inclusive spaces.

Amira Hartmann is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cologne, Germany. She holds a Masters of Arts degree in Communication Design with a focus on photography and journalism from Peter Behrens School of Arts in Duesseldorf. Her artistic practice is situated at the intersection of these three disciplines, and engages with socio-cultural and -political themes within urban environments and their communities. Through her art, Hartmann seeks to embrace an approach that combines elements of artistry, documentarism, and poetry.

The exhibition was funded by Frauenreferat Frankfurt and Ladiez. Kulturelle und politische Bildung für Frauen e.V.

Photo credits: Amira Hartmann

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