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Am I In Your Way?



Maral Bolouri, Mena Moskopf, Sarah Schoderer, Sensible Date, Charlie Stein

Westkunst Nied

Bolongarostraße 137, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Flyer Design: Kristina Mukhacheva

Organized by Frankfurt-based artists Kristina Mukhacheva and Sarah Schoderer, the exhibition took place at Westkunst Nied's premises at 112 Bolongaro Street. The show dealt with the struggle for self-determination and the concept of love. This concept is inspired by the current debates and movements that deal with discrimination based on gender, sexuality and skin color or origin. Struggle and love are two protagonists that are often juxtaposed, like the individual and society.

But they are above all good companions who meet each other in passion, dissolution and reflection. In their contradictoriness they grow together, comparable to people who enter into relationships with each other. Even if these movements are not against traditions of others, they are often perceived as a threat to those whose norms they do not conform to. Hence the sarcastic question that is also the title of the exhibition, "Am I in Your Way?".

People today want more from the society they live and love in.

They question the hegemonial forms of love and look behind the barriers of traditional expectations. They discover their new self-confidence, their bodies, and their passions, they reflect on their social position. They want to shed their roles and redefine themselves, they want to love themselves, love what they do and be enough of themselves. For the sake of this form of love, they have to go into battle everyday, like in a fairy tale, chivalrous.

The exhibition was funded by Kulturamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main.

Photo credits: Sarah Schoderer

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