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+FEM Exhibition



Catherina Cramer, Miriam Dönges, Clara Fink, Margarethe Kollmer, Giulietta Ockenfuß, Joëlle Pidoux, Naomi Rado, Sarah Schoderer, Sensible Date, Franziska Weygandt


Mainzer Landstraße 229, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Flyer Design: Kristina Mukhacheva

"+fem is the superwoman, +fem knows what she wants, +fem speaks for themself, +fem is bossy bitch, +fem is cyborg, +fem knows where to go, +fem likes to go alone, +fem is collective, +fem is more than a femme fatal, +fem is a mother, +fem is oedipal, +fem is a context, +fem is not a gender, +fem is hysteria, +fem is for justice, +fem is blasphemy."

An exhibition dedicated to the topic of gender relations from feminist perspectives. The concept of our exhibition is, in a way, inspired by the exhibition "Geschlechterkampf – Franz von Stuck bis Frida Kahlo", which was on display at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt between November 2016 and March 2017. It was meant to question the view that presents the struggle for equal rights and equal treatment as a natural battle between 'the two sexes' and to let women in contemporary art discourse speak for themselves about their subjective perception.

+FEM was meant to combine the critique of this way of looking at sex and gender with an artistically curated counter-design. 

10 artists who approached this topic in the most diverse ways, were featured with works in different media forms. Aesthetically, they dealt with the self-image of womxn, the questionable dichotomy of the sexes, and with contemporary interpersonal relationships. Everyday conflicts were highlighted through the artist's own desires and ideas.

The exhibition was funded by AStA Frankfurt and AStA TU Darmstadt.

Photo credits: Joëlle Pidoux

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