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Talks, Lectures,

One of +FEM's main interests is transferring knowledge, and to help others by giving an example of how to collectively organize projects. Talking about our curatorial practice is a good way to do it...


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On February 9th 2022 we were invited to talk about our work at Landungsbrücken Frankfurt. The curator talk was part of Dilated Stories, an exhibition organized for the 20.21 KANEinnen Festival by Lisa Peil and Catharina Szonn.

In December 2020 we participated with a talk about +FEM's work structure at the feminist networking festival pop&squat Vol. I organized by the Cake&Cash Curatorial Collective.

In context of our second exhibition, Power Strip, at Synnika, we talked about +FEM's past projects, the difficulties and barriers for women in the arts, and ways of creating collectively.

In 2018 we were invited to the autonomous cultural center MACAO in Milan, to talk about the work of +FEM. In this context we also organized a DJ workshop for women.

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