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Exhibition view of Power Strip at SYNNIKA Frankfurt/Main

Exhibition view of Power Strip, Synnika, Frankfurt/Main; © Anton Sahler, 2019



Die Römischen V___ en

Bettina de Kartzow

Sarah Schoderer

Sensible Date

Un-Zu Ha-Nul Lee

Miriam Dönges

Power Strip

Exhibition at SYNNIKA, Frankfurt/Main,  02.10.-23.11.2019

The title Power Strip is a reference to the bond that was formed between the exhibiting artists after the first +FEM show. The featured works by artists already exhibited in 2017, were there-fore set into a thematically relation to works by the artists of the second show.

Power Strip is also the enterprise to find the energy to address the theme of empowerment artistically. Furthermore, the title includes connotations of discarding and exposing of alledged power or strength, revealing from within intimacy, ambivalence, and insecurities.

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Copyrights for the following images: all photographed by Anton Sahler, and with courtesy of the artists.

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