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Left: Giulietta Ockenfuß, o.T., pencil on paper, 29,7×42cm, 2017, courtesy of the artist; right: Exhibition view, Mainzer Landstr. 229, Frankfurt/Main, © Joëlle Pidoux, 2017


Clara Fink

Catherina Cramer

Joëlle Pidoux

Sarah Schoderer

Miriam Dönges

Margarethe Kollmer

Giulietta Ockenfuß

Franziska Weygandt

Sensible Date

Naomi Rado


+FEM Exhibition

Exhibition at Mainzer Landstraße 229, Frankfurt/Main, 19.11.-24.11.2017

An exhibition dedicated to the topic of gender relations from feminist perspectives. It was meant to question the view that presents the struggle for equal rights and equal treatment as

a natural battle between 'the two sexes' and to let women in the contemporary art discourse speak for themselves about their subjective perception. +FEM was meant to combine the critique of this way of looking at sex and gender with an artistically curated counter-design

10 female artists who approached this topic in the most diverse ways, were featured with works in different media forms. Aesthetically, they dealt with the self-image of women, the questionable dichotomy of sex, and with contemporary interpersonal relationships. Everyday conflicts were highlighted through the artist's own desires and ideas.

Copyrights for the following images: all photographed by Joëlle Pidoux, and with courtesy of the artists.

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