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Frauenwoche 2023 Rathaus Offenbach

For Frauenwoche 2023 organized by Frauenbüro der Stadt Offenbach/Main +FEM was invited to design a display case in the foyer of Rathaus Offenbach in collaboration with Klingspor Museum. It features art by 

Miriam Dönges

Katharina Hantke

Tina Kohlmann

Un-Zi Ha-Nul Lee

and Kristina Mukhacheva

as well as thematically picked books from the collection of Klingspor Museum. The display can be visited in the regular opening hours of Rathaus Offenbach, which are:

Mo.-Fr., 8.00-19.00, 2.-16.3.2023

For more information visit us on Instagram.

photo_2023-03-02 14.07_edited.jpg
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