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Curator Talk & DJ Workshop

Caffè Letterario, MACAO, Milan/IT, 26.09.2018


Naomi Rado

+FEM and How To Build a Female Art Practice - Curator Talk


The +FEM collective is a group of female artists, academics, and activists. Their aim is to redefine the role of women in the contemporary cultural spheres. They address the overall inequality of women in society by setting up exhibitions, holding lectures, and writing articles on feminist issues in art and culture. In 2017 the curators and founders of the collective Kristina Mukhacheva and Naomi Rado organized a group exhibition with female artists of different disciplines, and since then continue to connect and support local females in their artistic and theoretical activities.


This talk discusses the contemporary situation of women in the spheres of cultural industry. It will outline the practical and ideological obstacles for women at art schools and on the market, considering the historical development of feminist emancipation in art, and show an example on how to withdraw from the institutionalized discrimination of women by creating own spaces and practices for exhibitions. It will therefore focus on the +FEM exhibition that was shown in November 2017. 10 female artists exhibited on the over all themes „gender relations and roles in contemporary art“ in an off location in Frankfurt.

Kristina Mukhacheva
DJ workshop for women

This workshop aimes to teach women how to use digital programmes for djing in a safe space for learning. As most musical events today are still dominated by male acts, we want to encourage women to learn the basic techniques and how to create DJ sets with commonly used programmes.

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